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Thanks to the vision of Father Michael J. McGivney, assistant pastor of St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Connecticut on March 29, 1882, the Knights of Columbus was officially chartered as a fraternal benefit society. The Order is still true to its founding principles of charity, unity and fraternity.

The Knights was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works.

The Knights of Columbus has grown to more than 15,000 councils and 1.8 million members.

590 News

2016 CALENDARS are now available   @ $25.00 ea.
We have the 2016 calendars and are ready to rock and roll this is one of only two fund raiser we have (this replaced the old 300 & 500 club tickets) for more information
Contact Bob Burke


NEW YEAR RESOULATION: Try to sign up a new member in this

New Year

2016 Membership cards have gone out to those who paid their dues. If you have not paid your dues do so ASAP don’t get suspended

If your address changes please let me know check the back of your membership card for sending information.

If anyone know the address of any of the following please notify me.

James Brawley           J A Dougherty       John Fox           Edward Gallagher

Thomas Huyette        Walter Kindon        James Magee    Edmond Martin Robert Mc Laughlin   Emilio Rezzonico   Roland Slobogin   Basil Trofe

Reminder; if a brother knight dies please have a family member or the funeral director to contact the council Financial Secretary the information is on the back of his membership card. 

Pray for our Sick and Decease Brothers and families


John Fricko     Colleen Paoletti

Pat Ott             Gerry Paradise

Bob Pries         Carol Ott


Michael Conneen          John Hammond             Lou Pastalone

Anthony Niewinski       Ed Lindsay                    Joan Bunting

James King                    Nels Wilkinson             Joan Bierling

Francis Mc Gowan         Irv Tyson                      Marie Mc Hugh

James Mc Neff               Jeannine Benson           John De Salvo

William Cardell III         Bernard Corrigan         Jim Collins

George Handren             Gertrude Corrigan         all Military Personnel

Oregon Student and San Bernardino Victims

Trinity Chapter

Trinity Chapter meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at Mater Dei council in Newtown Square. The next meeting is June 16, 2016.

The Chapter has two new programs supporting the Sister at Camilla Hall and raising funds for an Ultrasound machine. For more information contact Joe Paoletti at

Join The Father McGivney Guild
register at :

Meeting Dates and Times

Meetings are held at

7:00P.M. at the American Legion Hall on Bartram Ave. in Briarcliff.

Please refer to the Calendar (tab on the left).

Cardinal Dougherty Assembly


Cardinal Dougherty Assembly meets the first Wednesday of the month at Anthony’s for more information contact PFN Joseph Paoletti at


Home Association

Home Association is actively looking for a new place to call our own, if you know of a property please contact me


From the desk of the Financial Secretary

Dues notice have been sent out please stay current. If you know of someone who has passed away please contact me at 610 532 8266 or 484 354 5466

Membership cards went out in January to those who are paid up members, Honorary Life members and disable members. If you are disabled please contact me to start paper work so you do not pay dues. Please contact me with any Volunteer hours e.g. ushers reader Eucharist minister any community service etc.


Our membership numbers are going down. We presently have 874 members down 10 from last month

433 Associate, 270 insurance, 171 inactive, 55 honorary, 305 honorary life and 3 disabled

Taking a closer look honorary life, disable and inactive members do not pay due so if you do the math we have 405 dues paying members  55 are honorary and only pay $10.00 so that means we have 350 members that pay full dues. 50% of our council is non- paying members. So far this year only 107 members have paid dues that means 143 members have not paid their dues.

Why do I tell you this? We are getting older and need more young members it is all of our responsibility to recruit new members. The Council needs help in setting up a church drive WE NEED MAN POWER you as brother knights MUST help in this effort if we are to survive. Past Grand Knight Mike Humphreys is our retention chairman you can contact him at he cannot do this job alone. We have over 45 men that at behind in their dues and in risk of suspension WE MUST GET TO THESE MEN AND TRY TO SAVE THEM. Contact Mike help him in this effort.


590 News / Website Boosters

Anthony S. Abbonizio

Theodore C Lewandowski

Michael Bell

Robert J. Lucchesi

Jacob A. Biering, Jr., PGK

Anthony J. Massa

Raymond Blake RIP

Robert J Methlie

Charles P. Bowes

John V. Moloko

Louis A. Cabrelli

Daniel Monbourquette

Eugene Cacciatore

Keith F McDonough

Ronald  Cellini

Howard S. McKee,Jr.

Robert P. Conway

George F. Negro

William P. Conway

Daniel O Connor

Charles H Cunningham, PGK

Thomas J. O Leary Jr

Gabriel J. De Felice III

Mark H. Pierce

John M. Doyle

James M Quinn

Larry Dunn

George W. Rech, Jr.

Louis Fesi

Raymond P. Romani

Charles H. Fritz

John F. Roselli

William J. Garrity

Robert M. Rothman

Joseph W. Hammond, PGK

James A. Siermine,FIC

Carl A. Joos

Louis A Staino

Thomas J. Judge, Sr.

Timothy J. Sullivan

Thmomas J Kasper

Paul J. Tomczyk

John J Knaff Jr

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